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Barracuda Networks, Inc. is a company providing security, networking and storage products based on network appliances and cloud services. The company's security products include products for protection against email, web surfing, web hackers and instant messaging threats such as spam, spyware, trojans, and viruses. The company's networking and storage products include web filtering, load balancing, application delivery controllers, message archiving, NG firewalls, backup services and data protection.

William B wrote "Barracuda Networks is suppose to be an anti-spam company of sorts, so i guess I'll never understand why they knowingly obstruct legitimate email. In my world fixing any obstruction that is blocking legitimate email would be TOP PRIORITY. Have tried to resolve this with them via their support channels and web forms but the company does not respond to any inquires."


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Technical Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"This company may seem like a very good place to work but I promise you it is not as it seems. The company is very unprofessional, they conduct business that doesn't relate to their mission statement. The management does not know how to work with the employees nor how to actually get stuff done. The HR team is absolute trash, they are very bad at communicating and generally don't care what you say. There isn't much room to move up in the company and if there is, the pay is horrible. Compared to other companies, they pay their employees thousands less than other similar companies. I do not recommend anyone to work here, let alone apply for positions at the company."

Call Center Technician (Current Employee) says

"this job is very stressful. very poorly managed. Very little positive encouragement from management. You are pretty much only addressed in the event you did something wrong. long stressful phone calls with little recognition recommend to work there maybe a year, just for some experience and move on. the more you do, the more they expect and will push for. You will often feel over whelmed and stressed out."

Technical Support Representative (Current Employee) says

"The overall feelings about tech support in the company is that we're a "dime a dozen" and we're treated as such. There is a painful lack of leadership and communication while heresay and gossip spreads like wildfire. Policies change yet only a few are notified by word of mouth and you find out when someone lets you know you did something wrong. No matter what you're doing it's not enough. There is NO confidentiality, conversations had with management are shared with your peers and everyone else in the office.Bagel WednesdaysOppressive workplace"

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"It's like working for a 1990's startup tech company but with no hyper growth, stock options or advancement potential. Very dysfunctional sales environment that creates competition between co-workers. Very little training and extremely high turnover. Management sells you on a "group" quota payout structure but will not give you the time needed to ramp up your business before the threats and micromanagement begin. I've never seen nor experienced the amount of micromanagement Barracuda uses on it's employees. Top management spends all their time monitoring employees and questioning everything they do instead of helping them sell. I would not recommend working here unless it's the last job on earth and even then I wouldn't take it. The most enjoyable part of the job was the day I resigned. Yes, it's that bad.NoneRead my review"

Security Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Very clique oriented type of organization. If you fit in with the group then you stand a great chance of getting promoted. Very elementary training and sophomoric culture.Entry level and gives no skilled people a chance to get into the IT Security industry.No focus on employee training to advance their career beyond an entry level position."

Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"This is a very easy but extremely high stress job. Management can be spiteful and rude at times, and some co workers are really nice but not all them are. Definitely give this job a great deal of consideration if you do decide to apply for this position."

Nothing (Former Employee) says

"I wanted to work here and they rejected me. All they do is post internship jobs and then ignore anyone who applies. That is not professional. I am above those people.Close to homeBad HR"

Technical Support Engineer (Former Employee) says

"-Management is terrible. -You will F words from management Specially the VP of Technical support. -Not enough support and materials. -You just have to rely on other people to help you solve issues and learn. -Management doesn't care about anything Technical. They just care how many cases you address per day and if you get the good customer reviews. -Management will care how many time you use the restroom!Good opportunity to learn when you have no prior experienceTerrible Managemen, Low Pay, Stressful"

Sr Linux & Datacenter Administrator/Operations Mgr (Former Employee) says

"But get the experience you need and move on. It's not worth staying past a year or so, raises just aren't a thing. It's very dog-eat-dog and you have to constantly watch your back.On-site gymNearly everything else but especially the pay - raises are rare and small."

Renewals Representative (Former Employee) says

"This is a good place to cut your teeth in high tech. Best piece of advice, get in put in a year or so and move on to a company that will pay you what you're worth."

Assembly Technician (Former Employee) says

"A typical work day is clock in and build servers. Not a fun place to work if you don't want to hear Mexican music all day on the line and rap music in the warehouse that all you hear is cussing. Not good management team at all. Wed. Some people get to play foos ball and table tennis. If your not Hispanic don't work their.Free foodTerrible Management.Pay is Terrible"

Tier 1B support technician (Current Employee) says

"IT slavery, no advancement strategy. If you feel like working hard, but to only get told that you cannot move up into the company. You have to literally quit and then re apply to the desired department in order to progress.Good coworkerseverything else"

Marketing (Former Employee) says

"Focus is on hiring cheap labor our of hospitality and food service industries that want to break into tech, working them until they get fed up, then letting them leave and replacing them with more from those same industries. Low pay and benefits and little to no career path unless you sit in an executive office. Very top heavy company.Reverse commute for most peopleVery low quality employees, dead end career path if you stay with the company, lots of politics"

Technical Support Engineer - Tier II (Former Employee) says

"A typical day requires that you are at your desk at 8 am and clocked in. You receive very little latitude in how to structure your day or take time off for appointments."

Technical Support Representative (Current Employee) says

"This company is really great to get a foot in the door for an IT career, however I cannot consider this long term when there are many more opportunities that would help further my skills at a higher rate of compensation. Over-achieving will not get you recognition or higher compensation, it will get you harder tasks, which can be good for the experience if that's what you are primarily seeking. Overall, I'd have to agree with former/current employees that this is a stepping stone in the path of your IT career. The team is great, perfect for gaining experienceMicromanagement, Lack of advancement, Low compensation"

QA Automation Engineer (Former Employee) says

"They take a very hands off approach to their Project managers and engineer leads. They also show definite favoritism to certain product teams over others."

Technical Support (Current Employee) says

"No motivation. You must be well liked/favored to even be considered for career advancement in support department. You don’t see a raise for years. One on one reviews are a joke... the managers expect you to act accordingly but will do complete opposite and are not good examples. They sit around and talk about food all day and are not easy to get to when we need help because they’re not at their desk or not looking at their screen.... it’s like high school here. Support VP doesn’t do anything. Management needs to be more professional.Work culture, micromanagement, no raise"

Territory Manager (Former Employee) says

"The job is great for your first 2-3 years while gaining critical experience in the IT field, but staying longer only showed me there was no upward trajectory for career advancement. Mid management also has no pull on decision making but will portray they do by dangling carrots but the few reps that meet their end of bargains are left hanging. Not a place for over achievers!"

Technical Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"if you're looking to experience everything network administration has to offer in short contained bursts this position will allow you get a good look at many different networks and this will teach you how to set a scope so you're not digging through a hay stack looking for a needlevirtual test labs to practice withlow pay, lack of training, no test hardware"

EA (Former Employee) says

"I was hired as an EA for a very low wage - which suited me at the time due to it being short term and near my usual neighborhood. The wage itself seemed to indicate they were a struggling company that needed a seasoned EA (hand goes up). I was surprised to find that what they really wanted was a work mule who took zero initiative and played dumb so as not to make the other EAs look bad. As I began to clean up months of standard internal tasks that had been neglected, and reaching out to other executives who did not have administrative support, I began being talked about. Eventually, one of the other EAs - typically found out in the smoking area or on an extended lunch - started planning how to make me look bad with silly things like "catching" me not working, or berating me loudly for an imagined offense. This from someone who didn't even know small standard must-knows, like how to add a signature to OL or how to determine the time in Texas for a cross-zone meeting. I left their gladly, though sorry to know that the umbrella company is not included deeply enough in business end of this dog eat dog culture. If the right people had been involved, I would not have been the one leaving."

alexander says

"i said earlier it\'s keeping me from using my time too much but i hate it, i would probably smack that guy in the face if i saw him"

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